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So...who's going where?

Ok...with most colleges finally sending out acceptance letters, who's going where? Anyone not going to UD? Sorry to dissapoint ya'll, but it looks like I'll be one of those not reuniting with the SC04 crew at UD come fall; I've been accepted to Boston University and they're paying me over 10 times as much money as UD is, so it looks like I'm heading up to the land of clam chowdah and the like. I'm really gonna miss you guys (heck, I'll miss you guys more than I'll miss any of my high school classmates! You guys meant about 100 times more to me than they did).

So who else is gonna leave the comfortable little land of Delaware and venture forth, alone, into the desolate, scary real world miles away from home? Who's gonna be at UD?

Peace and all kinds of love, Ian.
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