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So...who's going where?

Ok...with most colleges finally sending out acceptance letters, who's going where? Anyone not going to UD? Sorry to dissapoint ya'll, but it looks like I'll be one of those not reuniting with the SC04 crew at UD come fall; I've been accepted to Boston University and they're paying me over 10 times as much money as UD is, so it looks like I'm heading up to the land of clam chowdah and the like. I'm really gonna miss you guys (heck, I'll miss you guys more than I'll miss any of my high school classmates! You guys meant about 100 times more to me than they did).

So who else is gonna leave the comfortable little land of Delaware and venture forth, alone, into the desolate, scary real world miles away from home? Who's gonna be at UD?

Peace and all kinds of love, Ian.
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Ok, I know I posted this in a reply to the last post on here, but I'm posting this on the main page now. How about a get-together on Main Street sometime? We keep talking about it, but no one sets times or makes plans, so I'm gonna try and set a time and place. They're calling for a snowstorm this weekend, so that's out, but I was thinking of maybe Saturday the 29th on Main Street or the Mall, probably around 2 pm until whenever (knowing our sleeping habits, I would say "whenever" will be sometime well past midnight). It's been 7 months...way too fucking long since we've seen each other, so if you're interested E-mail ( or IM me on AIM or YIM (s/n: DraganFox), or call me up, my number's in the SC yearbook (contact me if you lost it). I just want to make sure that more than a few people will show up. Also, if this reunion does start to take shape, spread the word to as many of our Ray Street brethren as you can. I miss you guys! ((and note: there will be D. P. Dough involved somewhere, so there's your incentive to come!))



well, it's been almost 7 months since we left each other. Anyone have anything profound? I'm allout, the well is dry. AP History midtern in five minutes. No actual course content...don't no how this is going to go...oig...well, I think we should get as many people together and hold a big march down main street. Sound good? We can get some calzones and fried chicken after, then well, I'm just ranting now. I'll spare you all. So how is everyone? Where are you all going to college? Why hasn't anyone called me! ahhh! you all hate me! *sob* well, gotta take that test now...peese out.

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Haha, I just confused the crap out of Ali for a second. Her away message said she was in cherry hill to see people, so I sent her a text message to see if she meant cherry hill, NJ. she called back utterly lost on who I was, then we got it all straightened out, but the point IS: if any of you are ever in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, I live all of fifteen-twenty minutes away and you better stop by and say hi!

How is everyone? Done college apps?
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Hey, do we still have our UD email accounts? If we do, care to refresh me as to the er.. whatchacallit.. server? is it "" and what's the address to check email?

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how is everyone


how was your day

and what are y'all doing for Halloween

and are you reading this is one of those lazy conversational tones that you hear snooty women using when they meet acquaintances on the street, because that's definitely how I feel this is being mock-said typed Whatever

WHo's voting? i can't vote.

I might be going to Newark to see Rocky Horror on the 30th, if I go, because it's possibly the closest.

just Dropping a line... and why did Hayden con out on us... hope school's not being too bitchy