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Ok, I know I posted this in a reply to the last post on here, but I'm posting this on the main page now. How about a get-together on Main Street sometime? We keep talking about it, but no one sets times or makes plans, so I'm gonna try and set a time and place. They're calling for a snowstorm this weekend, so that's out, but I was thinking of maybe Saturday the 29th on Main Street or the Mall, probably around 2 pm until whenever (knowing our sleeping habits, I would say "whenever" will be sometime well past midnight). It's been 7 months...way too fucking long since we've seen each other, so if you're interested E-mail (FirebirdTA324@aol.com) or IM me on AIM or YIM (s/n: DraganFox), or call me up, my number's in the SC yearbook (contact me if you lost it). I just want to make sure that more than a few people will show up. Also, if this reunion does start to take shape, spread the word to as many of our Ray Street brethren as you can. I miss you guys! ((and note: there will be D. P. Dough involved somewhere, so there's your incentive to come!))


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